4D Mastery ™

4D Executive Search

Mastery ™ is our proprietary assessment process that selects the best candidates for performance and long-lasting connections.

The process begins with an evaluation of our clients’ organizations and hiring managers. Next, we screen our executive search candidates with traditional measures. Finally, with our top candidates, we move forward with the Mastery ™ process and assess candidates in four critical areas: experience, intellect, emotions, and essence.


Our research indicates the qualities of an ideal candidate are only 25% acquired traits including knowledge, experience, and leadership. However, 75% of what makes the best fit are cultural characteristics, including drive, integrity, values, and passion.

Our Mastery ™ process produces unparalleled results because we match our clients’ organizations and positions with candidates across a greater number of critical areas. Our model breaks down the 4 dimensions into a range of characteristics that are measured numerically. Once the assessment process is complete, we provide a detailed profile of the top candidates.

We are the only search firm that’s taking such a comprehensive and scientific approach to uncovering a candidate’s cultural characteristics.